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[Faction] The Undead Legion


The Undead Legion

Always starts with a Lich and Death Knight alive.
Undead members don’t have a night chat and don’t see their night actions normally.
The Lich and DK know who the Ghouls are.
The Ghouls don’t know who the other members are.
The Lich and DK don’t know who the other is.
Max 4 members.

The Lich :shield:

Special Undead

Phylactery: If you would die, take over the Death Knight’s body and become The Lich.
Ethereal: You have hidden occupation and redirection immunity.

Lich’s Caress (inf use): Mark a Player. Every Undead player will see this mark. Cannot mark yourself.
Drain Touch (2 use): Choose a Ghoul, he will not decay tonight.

Animate Dead (inf use): If your target would die tonight, heal them and convert them into a Ghoul. No cooldown.
Train Undead (inf use): Transform a Ghoul into a Death Knight. Cannot have more than one Death Knight alive.

The Death Knight :shield:

Killer Undead

Strong Bones: You are death immune once. You are immune to bleeding.

Vanquish (inf use): Attack a player tonight.
Curse (1 use): Target 2 players, they will attack their targets. If they don’t target anyone, they will attack themselves. (carries over between DKs)

The Ghoul

Special Undead

Fresh Corpse: You keep your previous class type.
Decay: You will die 2 nights after you become the Ghoul. If you die because of this, you will appear as your previous class. Other Undead members will know that you were a Ghoul.

Claw (1 use): Bleed a player, they will die in 2 nights if not healed.

Offer Essence (1 use): Empower the Death Knight based on your class type tonight.

  • Killer: The Death Knight’s attack will be unhealable.
  • Offensive: Occupy everyone visiting the Death Knight.
  • Support: The Death Knight will be immune to occupation and redirection.
  • Social: The Death Knight will see the Lich’s actions tonight.
  • Investigative: The Death Knight will appear as Not Suspicious to investigative checks tonight.

The Undead King :shield:

Special Undead
Tenacity: Occupy and redirect immune. Can talk at all points in a trial.
Lord of Death: If the Lich becomes King, Ghouls will stop decaying and gain back 1 use of their abilities.

Royal Finger (inf use): Your next nomination for treason will count twice.
Decide Fate (1 use): Decide an accused player’s fate.

Ghouls! (2 use): Become death immune for the night.
Allies (2 use): Discover a player’s class type and if they are a member of the Undead. Others will not be able to see who you target. Only the Starting King has this ability.

TODO: Counter Cop
Idk, check if Undead and class type of Undead maybe + a kill ability?

Another (poorly balanced) idea by me. But this time it’s a whole Faction… made of 4 classes.


Preventation was removed a long time ago


Right, I derped, meant for it to be akin to a Merc guard.


lich is underpowered, if they convert they cant kill and communication is hard, AND their converts die in 2 nights


They can communicate using Lich’s Caress and during the day.
Converts dying each 2 days is being balanced out by them being able to convert each night.
Doesn’t even have to be a DK kill to convert.

Also you can stop a convert from dying twice using Drain Touch.


yeah but guessing kills isnt a good way to convert, since you can fricc up badly(I had a stroke)


What would you suggest to keep the flair then?


And ghouls social empower is useless


And does ghouls know who the other ghouls are? does DK know who the ghouls and lich are?


I wanted to point this out.

Also, how does one use

Colored text


Ghouls don’t know who the other Ghouls are. DK knows.




Dude, I copied this from the wiki, wtf.

[color=color name] text here [/color]


Thank you.

Thank you too


The Priest totally original amirite

Investigative Blue Dragon


Holy Aura: You will be unable to become a member of The Undead.


Prevent Corruption (2 uses): If someone would become a member of The Undead, you will prevent the convert


Magical Stick (Inf uses): Determine if someone is a member of The Undead.

Holy Water (3 uses): Determine if someone is a member of The Undead. If they are, you will kill them immediately, bypassing only healing.


Will they be notified

Legit the greatest name ever
‘Speak softly and carry a big magical stick’

Not sure how I feel about this.
It makes them really really annoying if not dealt with n1/n2


The only person that would be notified, much like a CW, is The Priest.

Any ideas to fix it? Something different than the Paladin/Sheriff. Also the OG post says

So there is no cooldown for people to become ghouls. Although I do have a question to Kape:
Can all classes become a part of The Undead?

Back on point, since there’s no cooldown to convertion, theoretically in a perfect world The Death Knight and Lich could convert every night. How would you deal with this, especially with an Undead King? Answer: Kill them with water.


They can convert each night if the Lich is able to predict the deaths.

Everyone that isn’t convert immune can become Undead.

The max number of Ghouls you can have alive is 2 and you can extend their lifespan using Drain Touch.


Isn’t the technical max 3 since you could have a dead death knight?


Yea, true. But you would need to extend one of their lives for that.