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[Faction Suggestion] Vampire Faction


That why Darcula have Follow, so he wont get fucked too soon lul.
Well in most case that would not happen, or i will add something to prevent that risk


You CAN’T prevent the risk. You can just mitigate the damage


K then, i will do that as well


Add VL @NuclearBurrito and add ability for Darcula


And he’s insanely UP


I made him as a final chance to win as Vamp


Bad idea. You should expect the Dracula to die in almost every game and balance accordingly.

In fact you also need to make sure the vampires aren’t screwed if he dies immediately to like a poss into knight or a lucky maid or something


Remove the Vamp dying is a good way to solve this or not?


uh why though? It’s REALLY unneeded and just screw NK’s




This faction in my opinion will win 1/10 games they are in


I still need idea and suggestion so its best for me if you give me the way to improve it.


Why do you have two killing classes


I mean VL is the last hope after Darcula and Ghoul death?


First off, get rid of the vampire dying if the faction leader is still alive. IMO, Dracula should stay being occupy immune however I don’t think they should be death immune. Honestly, we should probably go for a mix of cult and unseen however we don’t want to cross it. We should also get rid of the ghoul and just make it so there’s the killer of it. Make there be a replacement system as well and get rid of the killer occupy immunity as well. So example, the game would start off with a Dracula And then the killer. If the Dracula died, the leader becomes Dracula and then whoever they convert become the leader.

We should nerf the killer of this class by making its killing Ability occupy the person they attack, however it delays the attack by one night. (Occupy the person you want dead N1 and they die N2)


I don’t know how that would look in balance tho


Why would it need to be delayed?


But yeah this really does need a promotion system


to make it not a better unseen


There are other ways to go about that