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[Faction Suggestion] Vampire Faction


Of course I don’t know. You need to define it. Do so


This faction isn’t just 2 classes even if only 2 have been made yet. You’ve already mentioned 3 and so there is an absolute minimum of 4 with more being practically required


That not what I meant.
Like converted Knight will appear as Vamp but still keeping knight’s ability


That… doesn’t work.

Like what about the faction counter? Or classes that would be practically useless to scum like the Maid? Or classes that are overpowered for scum to have like Hunter? Ect ect ect.


And even if we didn’t care about any of that. You still need to make the class card for the vampire leader


Agree, but im in lack of time.
Also im making Vampire will not know either other Vamps, Darcula or Ghoul. They will pnly hear both of them anonymously.


Futile. They would obviously just state the names in the chat. If you manage to obscure things enough to prevent this somehow then you would also have made the night chat useless which you never want. Instead just let everyone use the night chat like normal


Didn’t realize we had a strictly finite amount


6 people in the scum chat? Sound not familiar for me


Or i will allow that when VL spawned?


Trust me. You are never getting 6 people at once


And if you do. Then you’ve basically already won


Oh yeah, that would be N7 lol


It would be N7, with 0 scum deaths and no missed conversions.


What happens if Dracula dies but the Ghoul is still alive?


The condition is both of them die, so Ghoul will still killing like normal


Make the VL. Keep in mind that what you just described sounds incredibly underpowered




Yeah. You know how fucked the Unseen is when the MM is dead. It’s like that but without a backup.


Also if the convertible classes are dead and Dracula is the last vamp then he cannot win.