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[Faction Suggestion] Vampire Faction


(Need suggestion on should i make all converted turn into Vampire or let they keeping old ability.)


:1st_place_medal: 10/10 legit.




Nah that’s alright. Since there’s no way they’d convert everyone and wouldn’t win unless NK was willing to help.


Added more


Oh god no. Too op.




What even is this


What ya mean?


The description is poorly worded and thus is hard to understand


I can figure it out. But I shouldn’t HAVE to


Its just grammar problems


I think it’s sorta like cult sacrifice

Except you can ignore the cooldown of convert
Which seems OP, and I’ll cover it in about 18 hrs ish


Not worried about that. It works out to not effecting the KPN. I’m more worried about the extra bleeds


What i want here is to fulfill both unseen and cult characteristics in this faction. Unseen is killing, while cult want to convert as many as possible.


Added 1-night cooldown to Vampire Ritual for balance


Stop worrying about balance for now. Flesh out the core concept. You need the conversion system


Nope, this faction do not need that when the member limits is none


No. You still do. It’s a fundamental part of how conversion works


Only between Darcula and Ghoul since you also don’t know what converted class are