[Faction Suggestion] Nightwalker(Rework)(Neutral)

This is a rework of my old faction suggestion, Nightwalkers
Night Walkers: (Neutral) - A Faction that wishes to Convert everyone into Night Walkers

Passive 1: Fetching: You will come up as not suspicious for 3 nights

Passive 2: Royal Blood: Allows the player to step forward for next King nomination
Note: Can only be Royal if you started out as a Night Walker or if you were a royal role and Converted into a Night Walker

Day Ability 1: Hypnotic Gaze : Lets you control the target player action (3 uses)

Note: This ability prevents the target from all actions during the day.

Day Ability 2: One Thought: You send a message, Randomly to two people (1 uses)
This is just to cause confusion and the person wont know it’s you, a random persons name will show up with the Message

Night Ability 1: Forbidden Kiss: You will be able to select a target, they will be converted into a Night Walker. You can convert everyone except for the Prince and the King. ( if you hit any of these roles they will be alerted that there is a Night Walker). (Unlimited use)

Night Ability 2: Open Mind: Allows you to see what faction your target is apart of after the first night (3 use)

If A Night Walker Becomes King…

Grand Master (Neutral Alignment):

Passive 1 Loyalty Subjects: If the starting BD King is executed, then the court will be unable to accuse anyone of treason for a day

Passive 2 Glamour: Occupy and redirect immune, Can see the class type of anyone who visits them. Can talk at all points in a trail.

Day Ability 1 **Dark Rite:**Marks the target for conversion and gives the target an extra ability usage.(1 use) (Nightwalkers will be unable to convert anyone that night)
*Note: Target Player will know that they are marked…so the player best not say that they are.

Day Ability 2 The Royal Finger: Next vote for treason will count twice

Night Ability 1 Prey(Stronger Version of Forbidden Kiss): allows you or one of your Night Walkers to convert two people in one night(You can now convert the Prince) but you or your night walkers can not convert for the next two nights (1 use)

Night Ability 2 Dark Meditation: Allows you to restore the use of your dark rite (1 use)

Lore: You were once a noble, but you were banished for using dark magic. Once you perfected it, it granted you immortality and you realized that this gift should be given to the rest of the world…

The goal of this faction is not to kill off others that will oppose you but to convert all (well most) into Night Walkers, I thought I’d come up with something challenging (That is not just straight up killing).
I thought a class that actually converts the prince would be pretty cool, instead of relying the prince to exe someone or just random exe. You would have to make every exe count now and make sure you have the right person up on the stand.