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Experimental Turbo FM weekend | Current Game: Colourblind Cop (Canned for the weekend)




@BlueStorm @WazzaAzza @Braixen


How am i supposed to get 5 people in less then an hour with mass pings. everyone has a different time.


Postpone to tomorow?


Should I just move it to later guys?

  • Keep the time.
  • Move it to 2 hours later

0 voters


Can’t. I’m on the tourney for tomorrow.


These weird timezones, they should never exist


something something farmers something something sun something something


I may have problems 2 hours later but do it


@Marcus_Doodalee @Moleland @WazzaAzza @BlueStorm @Blizer @Isaac_Gonzalez wanna join?


maybe noob


I am in 2 games so


wait this is turbo. ill think about it noob


cop is useless if they don’t get real results


people could just say they were colourblind


plus there is 2 of them.


and the normal cop doesn’t know if they are colourblind or not


ima join cuz I feel bad that no one is joining


it starts in 4 minutes lmao. f


I’m delaying it to November 24, 2018 7:00 PM