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Experimental Turbo FM weekend | Current Game: Colourblind Cop (Canned for the weekend)


Most likely gonna be the same time as this game only it’s next saturday. but then again there’s that tourney again so i might lose some of ya


But AnimeCon is next saturday for meh


quick question for those involved: is this game too scum or too town sided?


It’s eh, depends on who town lynches tbh


alright the curator’s issues can wait till next week. I’m gonna ready the new game, colourblind cop. see you all next weekend guys


Signups are now open for tomorrow.


If it’s at the same time as last game ill join


it is, plus or minus a few minutes




@Livicus @Unknown @NAOtheRitualist @Firekitten join us for round 2 tomorrow


Idk , i can’t guarantee


No. No time. Sorry.


@MathBlade @H_Hjasik @Memesky (although he’s dead most likely) @eevee @WazzaAzza @Soulshade55r as well come join if you can




/Just hecking sign me coach

I already called out 2 baddies last time so why the heck frick not




/take slot 9


@Planterror look above


I am told it starts tomorrow


i’ll pre in if there’s room

also it says weekend and today’s friday so yeah