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Experimental Turbo FM weekend | Current Game: Colourblind Cop (Canned for the weekend)


I’ll post the topic noawh.


you fucker


No they werent, If FK guessed the wrong target Mafia woulda lost and if they guessed it right then it was up to RNG.


If you were hung we would have won


If, like I said you would have to guess


I asked plant N1,had you been lynched or killed,mafia would have won.


@Meteoro It was between lynching me and fire. Thats where Fire would have had to guess right


Now this comment is great


Wazza said you exported the room he blocked,I was going to vote you,even trough I found fire a bit sus


Exactly, so if fire didnt pick the room that was blocked, he was obvious scum


you neeeeveeer know


Tbf I had no idea what I was doing half this game besides lynch lynch lynch


You pocketed me,and I fell for it




No u


It ended already lol


In that case… /join


I liked the setup also
Keep doing it son


yeah I’m gonna tweak stuff from this fm attempt and then try it next weekend.


If it’s turbo ill join