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Experimental Turbo FM weekend | Current Game: Colourblind Cop (Canned for the weekend)


You shoulda claimed


you guys think there’s anything else I should change about this


How can I claim when I was quicklynched


I was almost every night in art 2 so…


You had the chance to instead of answering FK’s questions. It would have easily cleared you


Hjaisk was a disguser


There was no reason to lynch me in first place


There was tho. Like I said, it looked like you were trying to force your usual scum AI to me


When Fire said he townread me I almost voted him out of paranoia


So you lynched me because I was like in My town ai Legit


Nu, you were trying too hard to be it because of your why comments


It was pretty good but it’s a game of Rng


Also, guys, wanna join tis?


Im a backup already


Marl isnt listening to me so i guess we go back to GamerPoke


One game special name


This setup? @Mercenary




wat happened


Moderrors caused the game to end without a winner, but mafia was probably winning