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Experimental Turbo FM weekend | Current Game: Colourblind Cop (Canned for the weekend)


wait I see


Im a newbie, I played like I could


some: oh merc and X are scum1!!
/vote x
others: no merc and Y are.
/vote Y

me, for 2 days: tf man why is no one voting me


I was about to say I blocked your room to test you


THAT was where scum was in trouble


… and the reason for my death


I mean

I would have won with you dead

That’s why I needed the day to end and kill you so you couldn’t say anything


That’s if gamer wasn’t delivery


1 shot from kitten


I was so sure there was a valuable in the women’s bathroom :frowning:


also I thought you were delivery person


Ah, well… no!


I may try to host a turbo 7er if someone sends me a setup


There was originally valuables in the security, the art gallery 1, and the curator room





Can someone rate my plays?


I was going to say to go for both art galleries next :frowning:


Swappy Swappy


Why was town sheep