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Experimental Forum of Lies 2 - Canned


I think this is also why hosts have a dont go against the spirit of the games rule even though it’s technically allowed


I’ll accept this concession and leave you with your personal prod preferences.

I probably wouldn’t like to accept your scenario either, but I don’t know if it would be town’s job to get rid of it, or mine.


It’s because Firekitten is always wrong :upside_down_face:


FTFY :slight_smile:


but like

did this really need to be canned


I won tho


I honestly think that wasn’t necessary.


No it didnt

But, Marl is pretty upset rn, and i believe has given up on the forums completely.


Technically survivors also win in cans I tbink not sure


Btw why was this canned again?


We basically killed Marl, so anyone wins :thinking:


You know why this was canned

if you havent, then you have not been paying attention at all recently lul.


Probably not, since Twilight could act as the host.


A co-host is not always willing to step up to host a whole game plus finding replacement hosts is not an easy thing to do. Especially when only certain people are authorized to host FoL’s I believe.

In reality, Marl probably wanted to make a statement however.


Honestly though, I think about half of the games I played on this site got canned.

EFoL2, RotBD III, Infection II, VtM, FEH, uCreate.


Cans Undertale (fingers in his assassin)


It used to be better? :thinking:

Just because a game got canned, it does not mean the journey wasn’t worth it anyways.


am i just dumb?

how was zone redirected


I was a fool


So everyone Who voted me got self redirected