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Experimental Forum of Lies 2 - Canned


NK didn’t attack any of us, with 8 people left alive it was mathematically impossible for us to lose. Alice uses DFE on Insanity, making only 3 votes necessary to lynch them.


Gets prodded makes 1 post and leaves


That’s prod dodging which doesn’t count towards the time you have to post content before getting replaced

And you need more posts then 1 with content


Makes 2 posts and votes


Then leaves


Technically it’s 5 and s Vote doesn’t count as content


A vote does count as content.


Tough to believe hjasik being Fool wasn’t rigged.


No it doesn’t wut


do you know what content is


I know what it means and a vote is an accusation and a clear signal. A vote sometimes says more than a wallpost.

Don’t act as if there are any general guidelines for prods and it isn’t just up to host’s discretion.


I’m talking about changing your vote 5 times and leaving


If a single vote counts, so does a multitude.


is it me or you 2 are always arguing


For real though.


Vote Hjaisk
Vote Hjaisk
Vote Hjaisk
well guess I got my content posts in peace

Clearly there’s something wrong with this, however I guess it technically is the host choice here on what classifies content in this scenario.


But unvote isn’t a vote


we argue with each other because we are frewns


It is content according to solic


Wait is UNVOTE content

Pretty sure there’s a word that defines content hold on