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Experimental Forum of Lies 2 - Canned


If I was BD y’all would have been fucked. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was mm, alice n1 convert.



you were NE?


I was Fanatic.


I powerwolfed hard.


I had some very minor gut feeling telling me you could’ve been NK


Your prevention claim made you seem more legit because I thought you got prevented on yourself after the redirection.


Honestly had no idea Hja was fool

I thought him/Alice were starting scum and you were convert



Can I host emoji mountainous


Results of efol
Fool needs to be fixed since they can win day 2 by not posting


Can I see scumchat btw


Really? You exploited that yourself


Sketch tho


Hmm what about him?


literally slanked his way to the easiest Fool victory of all time


Ah, haven’t hear his name for while


After looking at spreadsheet, it’s probably fair to declare this unofficial Unseen, Fool, Fanatic and Mercenary win (provided Maxi would be fast enough to contract someone), because Aice would have become King even if literally every non-Unseen voted for someone else.


It’s probably not fair. :eyes: But you can think what you want.

Edit: Oh the wrong topic, I’m an out of line idiot. :smiley:



This is solved by having replacements ready and prods