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Experimental Forum of Lies 2 - Canned


@Margaret check discord plz


I use Zone to attack FK N1.

Wazza to Geyde N2.

Isaac to Geyde N3.


Why was this game canned?


We used 2 for 1 on marg and squid… So there would be 4 deaths and easy win for us with alice as king.


You don’t want to know


What’s wrong with you mate


I lust for your body :wink:


Marl decided to leave the forums I think.


I wanted to side nk

But not anymore




Stonewall on marg I pulled out of my ass btw, alice didn’t even try to visit marg, funny that it actually happened.


I was Sheriff


@astand holy shit I was gonna check you


I guess this refers mostly to d2? You are right, of course.


@Frostwolf103 what were you?


I mean, that would be ns and you would be dead.


Starting assassin.


I had that feeling inside me you were scum.


Who was convert



I kind of knew you were scum.

Probably should have signaled harder.