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Experimental Forum of Lies 2 - Canned


Aha, so I didn’t get pushed by Town. That’s reassuring ngl


Also could you add me to the scumchat?


You seemed to townread both me and Astand while being a town leader. Usually this would make you useful to prevent us from being lynched.


Why was this canned?



The testing things died


This ended up being fairly backwards. It wanted the king poison above all else.

This was pretty big agenda post here.

This made me think that you were Assassin and attacked them n1.


@Marluxion could you post the spreadsheet here?


I’ll just call it as a me win


Did you ever figure out the puzzle?


I didn’t put any time into thinking about it.





Look it up


I was too busy powerwolfing


It was a very complicated riddle that basically said hi to you


I gave you ten hours in jail WTF


Oh that.




Nope, I am the NK here .-.

Stop that FPS @Margaret :wink:



Who did you attack then


Meh, so still no proper scum win for me, I guess.


Your team was basically going to win.

Also something I noticed about your play. You really didn’t have any direction to your questions.