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Experimental Forum of Lies 2 - Canned


Alice was MM

or that…


So for funsies, Hjasik wasn’t the real MM. He was a Fool. That’s why everyone got redirected.


No that was because Maxi was scorned.


Close enough, but no. I was a Duchess and I got converted n1.


You got redirected to yourself, since you were IW’d then you were prevented from visiting yourself, that’s what happened.


Honestly surprised.

Your d2 pinged me heavily as scum because of your conclusion on Psycho.


I was the Fanatic.

@Alice who was your scumteam? And did they catch my signals?


Astand - MM
Frost - Assassin
Me - Duchess


No, though we were letting you live as you were relatively useful to us.



Knew that something was fishy.


Why do games when IM NK get canned


This was d2

I was pretty close.


no i was legit merc and guarded zone n2

i was right on alice scum tho


I was planning to push Squid d4


Sorry for being mad earlier. I shouldn’t have been so pissy


Pretty sure Insanity was the NK, no idea whether he was a Poss, Reaper, or Demon.


boi >.>

did you occ me


I tried to stonewall Margaret n2

I stonewalled Pug n3


How so?


N o

I was possesso r