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Experimental Forum of Lies 2 - Canned


mega noob list



I should make a class of my self


That is BECAUSE I didn’t intend to vote myself!!
Urgh… What a way to worsen my mood.

Where are the other three?


…sigh. I am still misreading people.


Just where are they…? Frost ought to be here…


Frost isn’t online
I really don’t know why Alice won’t hammer


Said something about discussing who’s NK and whatnot.
Sigh. Why bother Neutrals when you already want scum?


Having NK out is uber important


@Margaret you really didn’t have to do it though.


And yet nobody suspected anyone in that game.

*confused noises*


How come?
It ain’t as if Neutrals win that often.
They get outed one way or another.
…speaking of which, what happened to that talk? Who was deemed the most susp of being a neutral?

Lemme guess. She’s afk for a few minutes.



Omae wa mou shindieru

/vote Zone


Cease posting, please.


@Zone_Q11 was executed for suspicion of treason.

They left a logbook in their room:


Zone Q11’s Sheriff Journal

Hey guys. If you read this then… I must be dead by now.
…let’s just get to the point.
D1 - Scouted Geyde. No results… because they were jailed.
N1 - Investigating Firekitten. He is not an Unseen… because he is the Jailor who died N1. orz
D2 - Not changing Scout target. (In case H_Hjasik lied and converted WazzaAzza, who might not be Court Wizard in the first place. Anyway, it’s a “just in case” scenario.)
N2 - Investigating Isaac_Gonzalez.
In the following reads I might say that these people might be an Unseen. This is because of my paranoia, which constantly whispers to me while saying that H_Hjasik has lied and did not aim at
-> Geyde is Noble. Very small possibility of being an Unseen. (Don’t you dare use these words of mine as an argument.)
-> Insanity has been softcleared as they were voted by H_Hjasik. Their role is unknown though.
-> Margaret is a modconfirmed Mystic. Though they might be Illusionist, it is VERY unlikely as no Unseen would dare to use Telepathy during Day. (Even if there was some mistakes as to how it turned out.)
-> xtxownage claims Butler. While there is no possible way of confirming this, but it is very likely that he is indeed the Butler. It’s a gut-feeling, and the fact that there is only three to four Unseen tops.
-> WazzaAzza seems to be the Court Magician? Honest word, I didn’t even notice their claim until Geyde pointed it out for me. Dunno how I feel about them though. I did not pay much attention to him, but after a quick ISO, I don’t seem to understand him at all. How is Court Magician the role he hates the most? Is it because it does not occupy, nor attack? What a weird person… Probably Court Magician and not Sage.
-> Pug… I don’t know how to feel about Pug. He did townread me, but reads on me are useless as I am incapable of evaluating my own actions. I guess we just have to be wary of him at best. (Probably not though. Gut-feeling.)
-> astand’s early posts CONVINCED me he is town. No Unseen would even DARE bait the Sheriff to say that this is an Unseen game.
-> MaximusPrime… is difficult. He replaced Luxy, but Luxy has posted too few. Maximus on the other hand simply said that I am town (which I AM) and voted H_Hjasik at the end.
-> Frostwolf103. No description.
-> PoisonedSquid is too inactive due to being in too many projects. Their most significant post for me was when they voted H_Hjasik, and even that was after the modconfirmation from
-> psychoneirik. No description.
-> Alice. No description.
-> Isaac_Gonzalez. This guy pops out of nowhere and votes me with the reasoning of me getting redchecked by Margaret. Although I should be mad at Margaret and Geyde for this as well, this guy has only posted 4 times. Two were for confirmation of participation. One was saying “yeet noobs”, while the last was his vote on me. I don’t care what happens to this guy (in-game), just get rid of him.

Also, now that the Mastermind is gone, the Starting Assassin has become the new Mastermind. I wonder whether this means that-- ah. I just got confirmation. If H_Hjasik says the truth, then the New Mastermind can convert someone. Welp. At this point you can only pray that you don’t get converted.

They were…

The Sheriff :crossed_swords:

Blue Dragon Investigative
Scout (Day) - Scout a player. You will know if the unseen visit that player at any point afterwards. The scout will stay on the player until you command them to watch someone else - Infinite uses
Expert Investigation (Night) - Learn if your target is a member of the Unseen. - Infinite uses
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Night 3 has started. It will end after next 24 Hours unless Host will say otherwise.

closed #1762


Make sure to send in night actions my sons

opened #1764


This game has been canned. You may feel free to discuss postgame info here.




I was the NK