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Experimental Forum of Lies 2 - Canned


I knew that I was prevented on Marg. Nk would have no way to know that.

Cannot be starting scum because:

  1. I’m bleeding right now. No hunter has come forward about that.
  2. I had investigative feedback.
  3. No starting scum in their right mind would try to become king. That would essentially be throwing because no more MM.

Also Hja’s logs




who is confirmed town?


I am being accused of being the Mastermind, and you ask whether I have a chat with the Mastermind.


lol no if your mastermind then your in a unseen chat




The ‘your’ vs ‘you’re’ situation


Heal me tonight or else you are big noob


damn… better heal you then


I don’t understand the first sentence.

Hja’s log can be a lie.
I don’t see how bleeding is something confirmable,
What do you mean invest feedback?
“Try”, you say. So you could’ve “attempted” to not become King as well, huh?


Sigh. Learn English.


Y U no big n00b?


Is there a role with 2 votes aside from King?


It’s unnecessarily risky for scum leader to pull off.


Only scum / hunter can bleed and nobody has claimed hunter

Only people who were investigating would know that they were prevented. The MM passive only states that if they are occupied or redirected that they are notified, not if they were prevented by any means.




High IQ plays


you won’t know if your healed or not but ok


And thus still not impossible.

And scum can’t bleed other scum, nor can’t there be “someone” who hasn’t said anything yet be a hunter?

What does this have to do with you being not scum?

Damn. This is really starting to get boring then.
Because this angry VI is still not voting himself.

Define high when he can’t even write “you are” or “you’re”.


why are we insulting people because of grammar


I have like the worst gammar here