Evolution Mafia - Spectator Chat

Do you guys want informed or uninformed?

I prefer informed.

pm’d you on disc with game spoilers

I also prefer informed.

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Aight, imma just post the role list here:


Marshal - Support
PoisonedSquid - Informative
Amelia - Universal
SirDerpsAlot - Universal
Italy - Killing
Luxy - Universal
Katze - Protective
Vulgard - Protective
Emilia - Support
Solic - Killing
Eevee - Informative
Icibalus - Support

Arete - Universal (Lost Wolf)
Napoleon - Support
N.1 - Killing
Possessed - Protective
Hippolytus - Investigative

Is Vul serious.

It’s hilarious that Marshal is so wrong about Vulgod.

So we are all spoiled here, right?

I’d assume so, yeah…?


I could use some help for VCs if anyone is up for that

I always find early posting stage rather annoying.

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In Harry Potter Mash on 2+2 I even deliberately didn’t read a single post on D1.

I’m trying to figure out if Marshal is doing this purposely

Love Hippo’s wolfy pop in for evolve.

Of course he is.

So who got the evolve points?

Solic did Marshals first one didnt count