Evolution Mafia - Dead Chat

There is dead interaction.

Wait, what?
That’s ridiculous!


Wait what, how…

Btw we can’t spoil anything, but I can and will post somewhat topical memes

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Well, I suppose I’ll find out soon what the interaction is

But for now I can curse Kat and marshal all I want

So… Curse you Kat and marshal! Shakes ghost fist

watch marshal have dead interaction abilities

Hiya qties

Welcome to the casino for the astoundingly dead

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Where we have dead interaction that MIGHT happen :eyes:

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I did call myself scum right as I entered

Who are your teammates

Possessed and Jake

The person who legit outed as scum as me.
Also only got 2 scum, no clue if we got a convert mechanic or not but we have no classcards so LMAO