Episodic Forum of Lies

Essential idea:
Game that the results of lead to different games
It’s episodic and set in the same “verse” each time

This verse would include a mish mash of all things in the “ToL-esqe theme” (such as the traditional stuff, Xed stuff, Golden Dragon stuff, and possibly more)

As an example:

Blue Dragon v Unseen in the capital of Adiart
Unseen wins

Now that unseen has taken over adiart, they have a significant majority
Leads to Return of the Blue Dragon

  • Would be interested
  • Would not be interested

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  • The idea is fine as it is
  • I need to see it in action before deciding
  • (Suggest change if you choose this option)

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excited squealing noises

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the legacy idea is one I’ve wanted to do for ages
so long as it’s not as lazy of a mode as just “put in RotBD lul” (not knocking Maxwell, i’m giving Return of the Righteous an A for effort anyway) and contains some Unique Mechanics™ I’m up for it
this dosen’t mean i’ll actually play
school’s going to sneak up on me very rapidly soon

I would do unique™ mechanics™
OP just has a basic summation of what it would be like

i’d prefer it if it was vanilla
but i think that’s honestly a given for me now

I think I would announce the level of power for each game as a rough estimate alongside if there is conversion or not

Funny, this is exactly what I plan for last stand of the righteous 2
If unseen wins, unseen will return
If BD or HoB wins, next game will have cult
If NK wins, the same NK will return and I may make a new entire scum faction in their name

be brave
just host mountainous 5 times and promise it won’t be mountainous next time

I mean you’re not wrong
Pug’s RotBD setup was laughably unbalanced.

BD never had a chance there

Example weird as fuck game:

Cult (uninformed Majority)
Syndicate (informed Minority)

Cult would be given a number of specializations that they may choose at the start

Syndicate still has omega actions

Game has ritual sacrifice or something like that

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Marson re-rand :upside_down_face:

Sounds fun
I’d like the syndicate to return sometime

Marson but the factional douse / ignite is a factional kill


I see nothing wrong with this

Marson but the scumteam doesn’t concede on D2

I’m basically going to be taking mechanics from every current game that exists alongside adding new ones as relevant


Mountainous but every time you lynch a scum the scumteam concedes faster