Emotional stress in Fol/FM

sometimes the games are ending up so heated (not toxic but heated) that I find myself crying or even unable to work for a day or two. I know that’s happening to a lot of players. FM means stress, and you often have to take some months break to recover.
Do you have some tips how to reduce the stress on yourself while playing, or just how to keep at least some some emotional distance?


Uhh I guess I just don’t get affected as much by what people say to me online as others do, because I never have any trouble in terms of emotions while playing.

Biggest thing is remember its a game what the person is saying isn’t personal rather, they are just (hopefully) trying to win.


There’s a part in playing it smart,
EDIT: This sentence is wrong and does not capture the essence of this wall.

Well… that’s tough… but I’ll state this obvious problem.
Emotions run high in games. That’s not always bad. But often at times it’ll overwhelm people.

I mean, look at me, I returned only after a year and man, does it suck. People word their responses really lazily and brutally… and they often don’t think much before posting.


“I’m pushing on you because…”
“I disagree on this point. In here…”
“Why would you think that…”

is preferred to instead of

“Lol you scum”.
“Lmao you’re so wrong it’s hilarious”
“You’re (insert swear)”

But people really use the latter over the former, why? I don’t actually know, but it is a duty of all players to try to keep a healthy game environment. Such above comments can undermine people with strong empathy, whose focal points of mafia relies on their tone.

Personally, I feel it ruins it for the players with strong empathy, they just can’t go inside without getting hit by a wall of emotions, be they faked or real, every single time.

Well, now to answer your question. I personally enjoy heated discussions, but the thing is if I get really triggered because of something, I will only come back to that particular game once my head has officially cooled down.

This type of rest often involves sleep. Then, go back and reassess, if said area still makes you angry, take another break. If you’re still angry after the second break in a row, just leave the game. Usually things are… less than savoury when this happens.

Breaks usually go for 8 hours, don’t try to go back to the forums in less than an hour: anger never subsides quickly.

For me anyway, a clear and logical mind that can attempt to pick apart stuff usually is the best tool to debunk anything, especially in a mafia game.

I’ll give an example of when I felt angry, but that’s for after a game ends. I do feel you, this shouldn’t have happened at all in the first place.


Will format all of this later, on phone and its bad XD
Unless someone wanna help me format?


Oh yeah

You need to know that people can be egregoriously wrong about stuff. Like me! UwU

Oh btw im talking about reads, they’re not always right, especially when you go to another site. This can happen to a majority of town here in the game you see.

Personally, try your best to point out reasonings of what you see. If they’re half a cent really looking out and trying to understand from your pov… they will attempt to do something about it.

If they don’t listen, yeah it sucks… but there’s nothing you could do about it, stubborn town is more dangerous than deep wolf after all. Wait, but it can also mean something else. The probability is higher in this case… Wolf? OwO
(Various reasonings apply to this. After all, “not listening” is very convenient for a wolf.)

Town will always have some kind of reason to suspect you. If they push you for a reaction, that’s actually a load of ho- (Additional reason here but eh just think along the thought line and you’ll get there)

Moving on… Teehee~

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I mean

Yeah that’s generally the exception, for you don’t go about voting people up for their reactions every single time.

I mean, just the opening post of someone is really enough to push them XD

Wait, no, I was talking about pushing, when did my mind switch to voting LOL

But generally pushing =/= voting. Votes don’t matter until you made the case, really. (Unless you’re Marluxion self destructing, but that’s SFoL)


At the end of the day, it’s a game.

If you’re not getting something positive out of it, it’s worth clearing your head and coming back when you will.

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FM is too addictive


I’m not sure I agree with that - as with anything, you’re ultimately responsible in making sure you don’t let yourself get over-attached to the point of making unhealthy decisions.

I get it priestess :stuck_out_tongue:

while I don’t particularly cry over games (I don’t normally cry unless something super bad happened irl). I get mad and frustrated and disappointed in myself

Just don’t lose lmao.

But seriously, a heated argument can get pretty stressful, but once whatever you were arguing about is resolved(either agreeing, or someone being lynched) you can look back on what went wrong and right.

Also letting people know how you feel in-thread. That’s probably pretty important too.

I’m just tired of people insulting each other instead of coming up with any logical argument. I want to say something to intervene, but I feel like I’m going to be judged or even sworn at because of it… I just feel helpless


This forum desperately needs better defined rules on toxicity. At least recently, I’ve seen things get quite horrible.

I know why, gimme a second

I feel like these are two different issues, Maxwell. The excessive usage of insults are an issue, but that can be dealt with by moderation. The other issue… I don’t know really.

yeah probably.

c/p from a wellness channel in a server
ORGs can put a strain on your mental and/or emotional well-being. Here are some things to do to take care of yourself

Reach Out - Talk to hosts in Confessionals or in PMs. We are here for you. We want you to be doing okay and enjoying yourself.

Take A Break - It’s not a bad thing to detach for a bit and do what you need to do. The game will always be here when you come back.

Sleep - Getting enough sleep is crucial to maintain your well-being. Set boundaries for yourself so that you can get enough rest.

Physical Activity - A short walk, some exercise, or even just deep breathing all have a ton of positive effects!

Connect With Others - Talk to people online or in real life outside of the game, just to enjoy their company or take your mind off things.

Entertainment - Listen to music, play games, watch funny videos, TV, Movies. It’s worth having a little fun outside of this too.

**Crisis Support Lines **
If you are in need of more serious support, contact the following crisis lines. In addition to suicide prevention, they also provide general counseling and support. Don’t hesitate if you feel you are in need.

US: call 1-800-273-8255 or text 741741
Canada: call 1-833-456-4566 or text 45645
Mexico: call (55) 5259-8121
UK: call 116 123
Australia: call 13 11 14
New Zealand: call or text 1737
France: call 01 45 39 40 00
If you are in a country not on this list please let us know and we will update it.


Humans have this thing called Confirmation Bias. Confirmation Bias is very present in Forum Mafia and affects almost all Forum Matches. It’s going to be there whether you like it or not, but you can turn the confirmation bias down.

When humans argue with others, sometimes Confirmation Bias prevents them from seeing each other side. People eventually realize that trying to argue with the person you think is scum, doesn’t work so they instead try to convince others that the person is scum.

Here’s the problem though, the person who is accused is going to defend themselves from this. The player who is accusing them eventually will basically say “your scum it doesn’t matter” and stuff to discredit them, because they are so stuck on confirmation bias that they think they are right.

Other cases involve players you think wouldn’t listen to you even if you provided good reason for the other scum, this is usually based off past experiences with the player which causes them to just say “lol they are so wrong”. Then the player who you said is wrong is going to be upset, and it’s essentially the same thing over and over.

This is basically the problem with forum mafia, the fact that you have to convince 1/2+1 of the players in the game that your target is scum. You realize you don’t need everyone to support it, so you don’t try arguing with the person who’s defending them realizing that you don’t need their help.