Elementalist(BD social)/Enchanter(Unseen social)

The Elementalist - BD Social (NOT unqiue)

(No Passives)

(Day ability)

Elemental Shield - Two charges - Make a player tonight immune to Conversion,Frame,Redirect and occupy tonight.(including self)

(Night ability)

Magic tag - Target two player.They will get tagged.Tagged player will last until either one of the tagged player use attacking or framing(or both) ability or they got attacked or framed.Elementalist will get noticed when a player did so.(Will stack bypass night)

Reveal all - One charge,tonight all investgative result will NOT get framed no matter what ability(Expect Mastermind’s can’t touch this.}

*Converted to*

The enchanter - Unseen Social


Diligent - First night after convertsion any investgative ability targetting enchanter will appear not suspicious…

(Day ability)

Mesmerize - One charges.Make a player can’t vote,talk and use ability today.

(Night ability)

Wicked tag - Three charges.Make two player get frammed tonight.(Doesn’t include unseen teammate or self)

Hide all - Two charges.Make one unseen member apear to be the class that enchanter chose.If they get investgatived,died that night or get voted on court tomorrow.They will appear as that class.

This is honestly unneeded. Just have give his abilities a set amount of uses and it will be almost the same thing.

This is OP.

Soooo it would still return Unseen, but also Kill/Off, which is even more difficult to get out of.

OP and unfun to play against. Plain and simple.