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Elemental Large FM - (2/16) - Day 7! - Serial Killer Wins!


I’ve hosted two games and both times they’ve been a NK win


Insanity preyed upon my one weakness

My entire inadequacy


If I died, and qwert thought insanity was doctor wouldn’t he not be sk?


That’s assuming qwert thought insanity was doctor

When in reality your softs were about as soft as steel


Let’s put it like this

If I can tell you’re a PR, literally anyone can


hi i’ll be level 0 town with a 2-ish when I’m inspired


Who killed me


I left on d1



@Insanity Props for winning


I am not sure how this one post can clear my way to victory.



Modrant and paper plate award?


Marl gonna kill himself for town reading Insanity lul


Honestly, Scum slips aside, Insanity played pretty well.

Props to him.


Gg all

Sorry for sucking I am usually better



Considering Geyde was being heavily scumread before they replaced out too.


Did he replace out because he was scumread?


No idea, but it still sucks - glad town got screwed over, since they benefitted from two other replace outs.


Smoke in Cal + Physical exertion.

Health issues.


New rule is in place for this exact reason
If it happens again ping me and they get a blacklist