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Elemental Large FM - (2/16) - Day 7! - Serial Killer Wins!



This is a different game


no it isn’t

my mind is confuzzled


Welcome to the NK win elite. :wink:


Serial Killer is purple


Qwert has been lynched!




It basically point out that I know PKR isn’t scum @_@


just said that


What, again?


Like dude

Eating Qwert twice in a day isn’t nice


Qwert has died! He was a Town Citizen.

The Serial Killer wins!


ur not host


co host :wink:
Not really tho


How the fuck did everyone randomly clear insanity


also still you repeated the lynch part I still was allowed to say that as a vote Count Bot


Yo but forreal though

When do I get my Level 0 Town title

I feel it coming soon


No wait I’ve won 2 town games

Won Warhammer as Human Oracle, and got carried through TT3 as the dumbest Noble to have ever Nobled


level 0 is people who don’t try

Level 1 is people who read others for silly reasons ect


A’ight then

I’m Level -1 Town



That’s not as snappy as Level 0 Town