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Elemental Large FM - (2/16) - Day 7! - Serial Killer Wins!


Fuckin’ hell. Well played.


Jk, gg <3


So… why exactly Insanity was townlocked again?


Also reinforces the fact that I suck ass as Town


I’m telling ya, I’m coming for that Level 0 Town title


Mind if someone invite me into deadchat?


can’t wait for Luxy to modrant about how shit I was this game


Don’t worry, I suck at scum too


I mean evidently not

You were heavily townread and managed to essentially coast to a victory off the backs of town’s self-destruction


To be fair, you weren’t the only one who didn’t consider Insanity as possible SK.



nice @insanity


So uh

I can’t really flip him

I don’t know his role but I can guess



100% sure.


@Luxy c’mere and end my misery


Qwert was lynched! They were Vanilia Town

The Serial Killer Wins!


brb, gonna thonk myself into a brick wall


so uh

Have you actually figured out the way to read math yet since y’all lynched him


I’m pretty sure my scum win percentage is higher than my town win percentage

I say that based off of the fact I think I’ve only won one town game in all the games I’ve been town


ngl I’m proud of insanity


I scumslipped hard in this post and Marl just say that “I am dumb.”