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Elemental Large FM - (2/16) - Day 7! - Serial Killer Wins!


I think that I have heard enough from Qwert today.

But any way, doctor, whoever you are, please WIFOM your heal between me and Sam.

Tmr if one of us die, it is just Blue vs Qwert thunderdome.

/vote no lynch


Less then 2 days left.
Or 47 hours left


Updated Vote Count

No Lunch-Blue Qwert Insanity-3/3


flavor coming soon because flavor is obviously needed for a no lunch.


So the towns people have decided that they will skip lunch in wait for dinner tonight. They all ate and sung together and the wolves forgot why they were there. The wolves decided to leave the town and everyone lived happily ever after…except not really because that’s not how this works.

Night starts and ends in 24 hours


Guess I did not exist.


Stop Talk


go to sleep you saw nothing


Day 7 Dawns… one person is found dead!

Sam17z has died! He was a Town Elemental Doctor.

Day 7 starts and will end in 72 hours. With three alive, majority is 2.


Vote Count

No One-No One-0/3

Btw @luxy are votes locked in LYLO here?




Yup, knew it.

Let’s rock ‘n’ roll this.

/vote Qwert


Vote Count





I did not copy and paste that


It’s called copy and paste


Man’s not budgin’ from his spot right now.

Sam’s softs were painfully obvious, and I too tried to skew the shot away from him and onto Insanity with posts such as this:

Self-meta’s a bitch but the evidence is all there.


/vote Qwert

I knew it.

I hope he was scum…

@Luxy Hammer.


@BlueStorm you fucked up.


Wait was it seriously Insanity?