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Elemental Large FM - (2/16) - Day 7! - Serial Killer Wins!


Whats the point of these questions? It feels like you are trying to credit grab and get people to repeat again and again I am the scum. The data is pretty much all here and I do agree if sam is sk, he/she deserve the win.


After I die tonight and 66% chance I will, explain why insanity should not vote you

@BlueStorm @Qwert


Firstly, why would SK not go for the 100% kill over the 66%

Secondly, my push on Marl was justified - Marl himself ended up saying it was a TvT interaction and told us all to push Qwert after his death.

During the day of Moleland’s lynch and beyond, my main focus was getting rid of the SK because I wanted less KPN. This had me scumread as a mafia member - but all the mafia are down. Why would I put so much pressure on wanting the SK dead if I were the SK?


He told us the trust our own opinions, its not like he is always right. How do I even argue with a dead guy? I guess he thought mafia swung at me N2?

If they swung at me and knew I am sk, why would maxi push me saying I am sk? There is no potential gain for scum here since if
A: I get lynched as SK, 2 KPN becomes 1. People might question him being scum and hitting me N2 for knowing I am SK.
B: I don’t get lynched as SK, maxi just outed to me that he is the last mafia. I can easily push him back since I was more town and his push was weak.


Same here

Is it though? It’s almost like you completely “forgot” PKR when you are death tunneling Marl


You’re countering me with what Maxi said at a time where EVERYONE’S reads were toilet. Marl thought PKR was SK and I was mafia, Maxi and I thought Marl was SK, YOU pushed on Marl as SK too, PKR thought I was mafia, that whole day was a mess.


Gee, it was almost as if it was a tunnel. :thinking:

Plus I said at the time, I didn’t get Marl’s thought process behind PKR being SK.


It is mere trickery since there is no way he want to go through with the death tunnel because of:

A: his gambit
B: he want to lynch PKR.

So the whole death tunnel is meaningless, and maybe you knew you can grab some town credit by doing so.


I think it is Qwert, as I stated my reason before.


What does any of this even mean? Are you suggesting I was attempting to grab towncred from tunneling someone that would end up flipping town? How would that even work?


You knew he wouldnt go through with it


??? No I didn’t? I didn’t even know it was a gambit really until the moment he flipped Vanilla.


Well, I knew it was a gambit but I didn’t know to what extent he gambited, if that makes sense.


Your suggestion of 1v1 trade with marl convinced marl you are town, I am saying you knew he wouldnt commit to it because he wanted PKR dead. He has been saying that for days and everyone knows this


Updated Vote Count

No Lunch-Blue Qwert-2/3


You mean when I wanted the actual doctor to call him out when I assumed he was either the actual doctor or scum fakeclaiming?

That was just logical, it clears one person and potentially catches the SK.

Read my posts and you’ll even know that was the only thought running through my head.

How can I make the thought process you’re saying I made if I were SK whilst simultaneously forgetting all about PKR? You make zero sense.


Lol what does that even mean, its pretty much your and my reads that were bad. Maxi didn’t have bad reads at all,(I might have to reread) his pushes were completely natural, first mislynch Marl then pushed me because I am on the Marl train.


I was talking about this in particular, the whole doctor thing I might have to reread.


Maxi’s “reads” if you can call them that were completely coattailing off of everyone else’s opinions because he’s too lazy as scum to format his own. (Sorry but it’s the truth, I’ve seen RM2 and hosted FWF)

I’m schleep now cause of timezones, hence I won’t be able to defend myself from this point forth.

@Firekitten time till EoD? If it’s less than 12 hours then @Sam17z @Insanity you have my permission to hammer nolynch unless you want to hear anything else out from Qwert.


Sure truce until then