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Elemental Large FM - (2/16) - Day 7! - Serial Killer Wins!


/whisper insanity I decided I will cover for you


All I know is that there is a pen everyone besides your eyes can’t see it


I think Qwert is the SK.

(Sorry that I am angleshooting)

But since Marg replaced out before N2, so that is why there is only 1 kill on D3.

And yes, this contradicted my statement stated on D5:

But oh well, I guess I am dumb that I ignore the possibility that SK’s slot is inactive N2.



Come on over and defend yourself.


Do not Angleshoot


I am confused, are we lynching or no lynching today? So we cant use the angleshoot info at all even though scum used it plenty?


Why am I defending if there is no lynch


/vote no lynch


You’re still the scummiest out of everyone here.

What are your thoughts on Sam?


Certainly loves that one second I was town and the next second I am scum. Sam? No clue mate. Certainly super town early on, being pretty vocal pushing scum.


Vote Count

No Lunch-Blue Qwert-2/3


Should I hammer no lynch or no?


I mean it’s hardly unavoidable.

I think I’ve seen enough to make an informed decision on who’s scum.




Who is the top sk target?


Confirmed town role insanity share your thoughts o. WHo is sk?


Pick a target if you had a vig shot that bypassed sk immunity who would you shoot?


When you say “SK target” do you mean “who is the SK” or “who do you think the SK targets tonight”?


Who is sk


Either Qwert or yourself but I’m 85% sure it’s Qwert

Let’s put it like this, if you’re SK you’ve deserved the win