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Elemental Large FM - (2/16) - Day 7! - Serial Killer Wins!


(Also I guess Luxy gets modkilled :thinking:)


How did I know that joke was coming?


I’m thinking a doctor claim is going to come soon. Possibly two doctor claims.


Actually I think I know who it could only be.

/vote Qwert

The true doctor’s softs are obvious.


@Sam17z @Insanity I’d like your inputs on the situation

@Qwert Try to convince me it’s either of the others. Hell, try to convince them it’s me if you want. I’m pretty sure it’s you.


Luxy was modkilled! They were the The Host! Since they didn’t complete a game before they died they lost rip


Vote Count





thinks to himself should he cover for the real doctor


Let’s no lynch. So the sk can kill me tonight and the doctor can decide who is the real sk in lylo


Lynching is stupid


Actually pretty sure qwert is scum. But better safe than sorry. My 2 suspects are blue and qwert. So insanity make the right choice


Killing you isn’t an option. It’s always going to be a me, you, Qwert final 3 since there’s the most uncertainty about it.

But fine, I need to sleep soon anyway.



/vote qwert


Actually this is the right play imo


I’m not willing to cast my vote yet as I’m going to sleep and on the off-chance that you’re SK, I don’t want any shenaniganery to happen. Either we discuss and lynch, or we nolynch. I’d like to be around for discussion.


/no lynch


@insanity @Qwert hammer


Doctor heal me tonight to prevent my death. I will take the bullet for you doctor


But yes, this is always going to be a me, you, Qwert final 3.