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Elemental Large FM - (2/16) - Day 7! - Serial Killer Wins!


i dont think scum attacked OTB


It’s just not the vibes i was getting from him


he was definitely a potential lynch d3

they had no reason to get him out


You think they attacked SK? Or Merc’s heal target?


Did Merc said anything about who they healed before?


I think if the mafia attacked the SK the SK has to be qwert




There is absolutely no reason for scum to attack PKR ever here
The odds of a heal are slim

I think mafia very realistically could have swung at Qwert though


Don’t you think though that Qwert would attack the one other person on their wagon from yesterday if they were SK, and not Merc?


So here is what I think:

A: Mafia attacked the SK.
B: You healed OTB from attack N2.
C: Merc healed someone from attack N2.


We should take a closer look at the night kills and discuss who we think killed whom and why

also this VC is fucking hillarious
If mole had just shifted to me i’d be dead


We know those have to be the options. What conclusion do you draw from it?


me in that vc


Mole’s long term play was pretty good though

The fact that he didn’t shift his vote was almost a tipping point to not lynch maximus ever


imo we should just hammer pkr

once i die this game becomes the Qwert Vs Bluestorm show


I’ll trust Sam and Insanity’s judgement


If there are ever 4 people alive, continue to no lynch to force the SK to kill into final 3


/vote PKR

By the divines, I hope you’re right about PKR from D3.


Ideally, it is either option 1 or 3.

If it is option 3, then I think Merc will probably know that she healed someone from an attack.

But who did Maf/SK attacked?

If I have to guess, I will say…Marl.

I will ISO dive again.


It’s not even really a PKR read
it’s a jasmine read, which god knows i’ve not been accurate on

but i’m rolling with my gut