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Elemental Large FM - (2/16) - Day 7! - Serial Killer Wins!


Not exactly a solid proof and now maxi is now flipped as scum.


Why, at that point in the game, were you worried about being cleared as the SK? Did you plan on being in this exact scenario later?

And it’s highly plausible that Mole either A) Knew nothing or B) Knew you were SK and didn’t want you out until necessary.


na maxi claimed my slot had no night action N2 and said I was sk. I was countering his claim


Can you quote that message from Maxi?


he said no one in there n2


maxi’s push on me doesnt really make sense if I am actually sk


Who do you think is more likely the SK between Myself Bluestorm and PKR?


wait why does this matter lul, PKR now of course since you are the doctor


haha if only he knew about my elemental phd


You think Bluestorm is town?


@PokemonKidRyan between Bluestorm and Qwert who do you think is the most likely?


I reread everything, sam and insanity are pretty much town locked. Bluestorm is NAI at this point.


hello my blue billed friend

same question for you
between Qwert and PKR, who do you think is more likely and why?


Oh for-


This is the worst gambit in the history of gambits, maybe ever


Before that, I may as well ask you for logs.


i healed literally no one who is alive
last night i was on mercenary with fire but it didn’t help


(I know it’s logless but you get what I mean)

I mean for N2 in particular


OTB with Fire n2


doesn’t help us here


It does help me, however.

You never once considered the possibility of OTB being scum during D3 due to your heal on them, making it very possible you healed them.

Who do you think would attack OTB N2 out of Qwert and PKR?

Also Qwert does actually make a point that Maxi wouldn’t vote for someone they think to be the SK at a point where they still need killing power.