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Elemental Large FM - (2/16) - Day 7! - Serial Killer Wins!


@Sam17z unvote me


i was trying to bait the sk into a fake claim and it didn’t work


/vote PKR

back to my original thesis


@Sam17z @Insanity @Qwert After i die tonight, lynch Blue tomorrow imo.


@BlueStorm you’d better hope the SK isn’t qwert

With my plan, the only way we lose is the SK being Qwert or Insanity


/vote @PokemonKidRyan


/vote PKR

Here we go.


Tbh what are the odds Blue is trying to pocket me with those post :thinking:

plus yesterday’s post.


/unvote no quickhammer in forum mafia


I think keeping him in L-2 is not really quickhammering.

But any way, we should discuss more.

Oh, I forgot that Marl voted him :eyes:


It was L-1 with me you and Marl


I kinda forgot Marl exist.


Your interaction with blue felt a little too desperate for me, chances are in favour of town if you are doctor. Plus I can see marl killing off bazinga since he is likely to go for you after moleland


But yea it makes sense if you are the doctor.


Btw it seems everyone is super confident sam is not sk, lets hope you guys are right


I’m not worried about Sam. More worried about you

My first two guesses are still pkr and blue though.


Why are you worrried? I did a post yesterday explaining I am not sk. Sure my posts/reads are off, that doesnt mean im sk.


How can you prove you aren’t the SK


quote the post you’re talking about also


Here it is. I mean it assume no heals are made since it is unlikely. And its pretty unlikely scum would attack me since they were pushing for my lynch.