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Electromancer Rework(Forum of Lies)


The Electromancer

Neutral Killer
Static Shield (Passive) - You are immune to death at night.
Electic discharge (Day) - Kill and Occupy all players tonight, that currently possess static, bypasses Death and Occupy Immunity.Will be cancelled if you aren’t alive till the end of the night or you are jailed. You will be unable to use your night abilities tonight. - infinite uses
A shocking discovery (Day) - Select a player that contains static. you will learn their class at the start of the next night. - 2 uses
Spark(Night) - Apply a static charge to a player.
Magnetic Field (Night) - Discover who a player targets and who targets them, you will apply static to both(who visits your target and the players visited by your target) - 2-3 uses
Kill all dem players


Why would you wait to use discharge?


true I should change it to only 2-3 uses


Additionally you could make it a classical arsonist by making it so you cannot apply static whilst discharge is used


Just do this. Making it limited would mean he could end up unable to kill late game