[EIMM] Survivor - Interest check

This idea is heavily based off Survivor. I also playtested this in Magnus’s Chaos Game, you can check that out.


There is no mafia or town in this game. Everyone has the same objective — to survive until there are three players left. As such, there’s no factional kill.
Voted out players are simply lynched. There is no Jury, because that’s annoying and no one likes it. As proven by the Chaos Game.



The game has three phases. Phase one is known as Day. During the day all players talk in the game thread. You cannot do actions.
Phase two is known as Twilight. The moment where the votes are revealed and someone gets lynched. During this time no one can talk. Twilight will go on for an indeterminate amount of time.
Phase three is known as Night. Players can perform one action during this time. Note; talking to a player privately will take up an action, but both players need to lock in this action before the End of Twilight. In fact, some actions require to be done before the end of Twilight.


Voting is done in your ClassCard, rather than in the game thread. This keeps votes hidden as well as make it easier for me to keep track of them.


Actions here have a usually beneficial result. You can do any other action of your choice, of course — there’s a wide diversity. But these actions are recommended.
Night Actions -
/Sleep Peacefully - This is the default action. It results in doing nothing, just passing the night.
/Search - You search around, looking for something. This has an 80% to turn something up, but it could be just a stick or something useless. Being specific raises the chances of finding it, however the more people searching for one thing cuts the chance of you finding it by a quarter.
/Check [x]’s bag - Search a players bag. You won’t find any items they have that night, only items they got one or more nights ago.
/See who’s awake - See who’s sleeping peacefully.
(I’ll add more as recommended)
Players cannot be killed.
You cannot whisper to one another.


Hidden Immunity Idol - Can be played for a player to render all votes towards them null. Must be played during the day. Does not count as your nightly action. Sometimes contain a twist.
Congratulations, you have found a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Secret Advantage - This generally grants you an advantage in the game. Must be played during the day. Does not count as your nightly action.
Congratulations, you have found a Secret Advantage.

Note: This is just an Interest Check, to see how it’s received. I will not accept pre-ins.

Please give me advice, tell me how it could be perfected. I think i’ve done pretty good, but that’s just my opinion.

oh hell yes

Some advice:

plz don’t add too many immunity idols. more than 1 in play at a time could be really overpowered and might not be fun.

I love this idea, and if is anything like MCG, it should be a blast.

I don’t like games that leave too much up to the host to just make up as they go, basically bastard games.


You just described real life survivor.

Yeah count me out on another one of these

I could maybe see it as a separate forum game but classifying it as “FM” seems disingenuous

I’m here to scumhunt and when there are no scum to hunt the name “Mafia” has lost all meaning

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Neutral Showdown was fire though.


Neutral Showdown III when? :upside_down_face:

This isn’t mafia then


this is EIMM, but no.
if your gonna have idols, require the players to actually do things to find the idols.

ok, first of all im probably not going to join this, but thats just because im trying to not get into too many things at once.

where does it say they dont? he didnt mention how one aquires them at all.

assume HII is something you search for

but yea.

all tea no shade, survivor is meant to be hosted as survivor and planned out with a schedule.

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Im in for anything survivor related ive seen all 38 us seasons and most foreign seasons so im in

i feel flexed on

Well i have also watched all 38 seasons.

and have gotten the r/survivor pre-season winner pick right twice(and shouldve gotten it a 3rd time wiith gavin on s38 but he was robbed.

what the fuck how much time do you guys have

I dont watch tv apart from Survivor


w e w

not even the news or anything?