EFoL 3 - Dead Chat

There is dead interaction, so be careful with what you spill. :wink:

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@Magnus hello sorry for pushing on you I don’t think claiming really always help when you are defending yourself, do you want to do some reads for me if your not busy of course you don’t have to

Are you medium class? or, you know, Priest?

this post came after I fell asleep. Most nights, i log off at 2019-07-30T11:30:00Z

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I just felt like you were scum backed into the coner I’m the priest.

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…why the fuck am I always killed or converted d1 or d2 in FoLs?

To Soul. I was defiled. I was a Princess and used WoW on Kyo who returned BD. I’d say the NK is likely a Poss here as the CL can’t Disguise and Defile in the same day. If the NK is something else then Priestess may be an EK lying about the bleed.

I think Arete’s probably a good player to look at considering that they somehow jumped to the conclusion that I got defiled.

Astand’s odd as well. Will see if I can further read him later on.

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Like, you can use the fact that.

A) I told you this before Sulit outed his check.
B) Kyo is confirmed BD by being the Prince.

That I’m not lying.

Feel like I’m going to be converted or killed tonight, my judgement was right on being careful about sulit but now we are screwed because I healed ek…

by careful i mean not wasting exes

Also I suggest Kai/Wazza to be resolved ASAP as both of them claim neut and I think one of them may be lying. Would cooperate with Kai for them to get their marks and then suicide to self-resolve themselves.

doubt you can revive diguised targets?

if not I’ll bring back the voice of sulit

Nope, so they should bring back Sulit.