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EFoL 2 Redux - Unseen Chat


I was here. Hippo could have DFE Gamer


Gamerpoke Meteoro, Frostwolf103, WazzaAzza 3/6


Your vote was on Met


Simon is Neutral, correct?


He made a very Neutral post after my hammer.


GamerPoke dies tonight.
Margaret dies tonight.
Me/Simon/Hjasik die tonight.

Tomorrow we have 5 votes (unless I die) causing a guaranteed lynch/statemate.


They have kill me and that kills you too


Hippo is guarding you.


And I think Hjasik may have one more double vote left to boost.

WazzaAzza and I don’t have a soul I need to protect Hippo if I could but that’s day action as well so I missed two times to have it right


Simon is invest convertible


Simon is not the lich’s target


By the way. Why are we killing the Fool?


Uhh what do you mean?


Margaret is Fool. Why are we killing them?


they arent fool


It will interfere with the voting, Squid is already a liability to help BD after their goal is finished

I hate when they are still in the game


I mean, they did claim I was scum/neutral d2.


So, I’m not surprised.


But no! We killed met who is Noble once and if Hippo dies, Hjasik get king for sure.


Hippo CAN’T die.