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EFoL 2 Redux - Unseen Chat


Meteoro legit said in this exact same chat.


That’s bullshit


Now stop fucking complaining about me gamethrowing. Meteoro told me to.


Can you fucking read? Oh wait, no you can’t because you’re fucking blind.


I disagree with meteor’s call



You shouldn’t have fucking listened to him


I did as well at first.


Well now you know it’s technically not gamethrowing.


Oh really, but we can’t have a new convert


Boo-Hoo, how sad. We can’t lose unless one of us die.


and by die, I mean die tonight.

Considering we have a warlock. That’d be basically impossible.


I die, Sam get voted.

Hippo get voted the day after

Boom, game over.


Met thought he was going to die and was like we should end discussion and make a deal with gamer if he was going to die anyways


That wouldn’t have needed if Hippo was online and Wazza wouldn’t have voted Met but Game instead.


We couldn’t lynch Gamer anyway.


Also. Only I can die tonight.


That’s not true, your vote and Hippo’s matter to reach 6


I already voted Gamer and it reached 3/6 according to the tally.


Oml, I forgot Sam never voted.


No you didn’t