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EFoL 2 Redux - Unseen Chat


I am not reading 630+ posts.


/Assassinate Margaret

@Sam17z I am going to regret this


Meteoro said kill celeste. He probs had a reason why idk


What happen to your foresight then?

Didn’t you say she’s convertible Offensive?


ISO insanity and get his results. It is in the 5 posts



I mean what’s the difference he and I said?


I dont want to paraphrase the results. It is better to get it from the source


But really we end up giving Scorned a win?


Because if Hippo doesn’t come here soon, we lose.


I dont think “we” is acceptable. I think wazza gamethrew and gave scorned the win


@WazzaAzza You are no longer with Blue Dragons, don’t sabotage me.


Because now Squid will vote against us likely.

Because it needs 4 votes (7 players alive if all two attacks got hit) to have majority but Scorned have no allegiance to help us because we bled him so we will likely lose another, namely SAM17Z!

So we won’t able to convert people because he likely gets executed.


If you had voted Gamerpoke and Hippo was active, we wouldn’t have this problem


You don’t get to make a choice damn it

We’re suppose to get a soul from Gamerpoke.


Gamethrowing is a really big problem on this forum imo


Really appreciated not on agreeing on our plan


Oh my god, if I was here earlier I would smack you to senses.

Just watch how Sam get lynched tomorrow

That fucking Neut help mentality get us killed


But if Hippo is online as ours, we can still vote Hjasik which is our next target.


But if it’s active on night time for us Europeans then we’re screwed


Meteoro told me to, fuck off my back man.