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EFoL 2 Redux - Unseen Chat


We only lose if I die and Frost dies
If this happends,make hippo Royal pardon you and convert someone

Remember to kill marg,squid may be a holder,marg isn’t


Why wouldnt we kill simon?


So if hjasik is killed we can convert him
Its better to kill the neut Who isn’t holder and was checked as convertible


Simon isnt a holder though


Just kill marg


Frost isnt a holder or else maxwell’s follow would have failed


True, it’s you or hja or isaac
I gossiped squid


I mean its not hjasik


May be I think
Who did Maxwell follow again?


Huh wha’, why am I here?


Frost revive-converted you,vote gamer when thread is more active
Do not vote me


Wait wait wait, do I have to help you guys win?


Fine then, who am I voting?


Yes,you are converted,read soulcatcher card
We have majority with hippo,vote gamer so he can hammer when he comes


What is he on about?


He wants squid to win,just ignore him,once hippo comes to hammer it’s gg


We can’t hammer.

It’s only 5 votes out of 6 of them.


Hippo DFs,


If Gamer dies to bleed tonight. Why don’t we just kill you Meteoro?


Wazza,if I die and gamer kills Frost we lose