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EFoL 2 Redux - Unseen Chat


If celeste lives tommorow I would like to vote her


I actually wont mind giving squid the win,but honestly,why give the win to marg and not squid?


Idk it is just how i feel. Squid didnt do much but had to do something to win. But to win as fool their is less things that you need to do to win


Squid doesnt understand I just dont want her to win


@Meteoro this is a meteoro promise. One I cannot keep.


Btw we could actually lose here


If they lynch met, gamer kills frost, and me and hippo v. bd and neuts


@WazzaAzza get online


Vote gamer now


Would the game end with 1EK,4 unseen,2 BD,1 fool,1 scorned with unseen as target and a warlock if there is no nightkill?


@Sam17z vote gamer


Yes, I’d very likely end it in that hypothetical scenario.


And changing It to 3 unseen+EK and a neut killer Who dies at EoN?


If I die wazza heal Frost,hippo guards himself


Solic,has Frost submited an action?


Yes, he has.


@Sam17z if I’m killed and gamer kills Frost,we can win if you survive the day,so get hippo to Royal pardon,It will be gg


Vote gamer so hippo hammers if he comes


If I die kill hja


I mean if i am the holder then… we have wazza and frost