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EFoL 2 Redux - Unseen Chat


We sure we don’t want another unseen to join us?


I am ok with the vote atm


We cant we have 4 members atm


I think BD wouldn’t have locked me as unseen so early without them


We need to have 2 for conversion


I know that, but Met will still share victory result with us.


Oh well, nvm then


But she didnt get the job done, nor did she do anything to help the winning faction. Also she outed d2 and just chilled the whole time.

@Frostwolf103 thoughts on whether or not we should give squid the win?


Well if you said is true we won’t able to convert another

@Solic So if Met dies and my soulcatcher puppet are still here - we cannot convert another right?


That is correct.


Yeah let’s just lynch Gamerpoke so we won’t have anyone stopping us later.

We can safely lynch person after person.


This is the best option


Yep and we don’t have to risk getting ourselves killed with Marg around, we can vote her tomorrow.


Well except Hjasik can be troublesome so we need to vote quickly.


If marg is fool give squid the win tomorrow


Warlock can still assure our kills go through yes? Except Carnage that is


@Meteoro i was trying to make it appear frost has immunity so in case things go side ways he doesnt die


He gets a soul today


Just agree with the neuts so they hammer


You are so devious, at least I tell them straight up