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EFoL 2 Redux - Unseen Chat


How would that work? What will they become?


Scorned King,so basically the same


Who should we vote out no deaths + wazza?


Vote out gamer?


Vote marg,we don’t kill,next day vote me and convert hja kill simon


He dies at night


But if we vote gamer we secure the win imo


I cant convert we are at 4 members with wazz


@Frostwolf103 use ability for souls


Vote gamer


Vote gamer,nokill,vote me,convert hja if we can
We have this win


No risking voting you, but we will discuss that later


After today we have numbers,we can afford it


/bleed squid


Squid could die to bleed we dont need to lynch you


Squid doesnt deserve the win imo


Who’s soul do I need to collect?


Gamer,and vote them


After we kill gamer we have numbers,we can afford to kill me and squid can’t backstab us due to bleed


Nah Squid does not deserve the win. She didnt do anything to acheive her goal besides yell at bd to lynch you