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EFoL 2 Redux - Unseen Chat


Hammered the prince and somehow survived this long as outed scum with scorned on them


So Gamepoke will kill someone, 9 players left.

We lynch Marg, 8 players

During that time, We got Wazza as new voter with us.

If all of us lived, we can put 6 votes easily.

Gamepoke dies the night after and we can kill someone else, 6 players.

When it’s next day we allow to get Met lynched so Squid won’t go after us, 5 players.


Also kind of told hippo to vote with us


I did ping him as well


If Isaac redirects gamer we can prob afford to lynch me tomorrow


We all told him to


Chances are low, but that prove partnership


Can we all be on at SoD?


Oh Arist9crat eh?


Did you message the king?


Somehow did nothing as aristocrat


I can’t?
Lemme check card


Oh I am sorry nvm


Let’s not get our hopes up. Wait till the end to say the MVP’s


I certainly ain’t worthy, Meteoro show how dedicated the assassin should be


I’m going to do a claimlist brb


Hey okay, Sam did wetwork too


The fact Priestess forgot to jail helped us get the 2f1
Did she mention not jailing me in deadchat?


He actually want to jail Isaac


So wait, you did Maxi and Wazza?