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During night deaths occassionally go white screen


What happened?

While night deaths are being processed, both my monitors shut off, restart and then the game window is just a white screen. I can still hear the game underneath the white, but can’t see anything. Closing the window and restarting the game doesn’t allow me to rejoin the game.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

Not that.

Steps to reproduce:

No idea, I’ve only seen it twice, but it started with the patch previous to this one. Last game I died as a Knight in slot 16 to an assassin I think.


Wonky bug that appeared in the patch before this one and is pretty rare, but not being able to rejoin makes it especially crappy if you don’t die in the process since you can’t rejoin.

EDIT: It literally just happened again the very next game. I was MM in slot 16, went to convert and white screened. Guess I’m taking a break for a bit.


Happened to me yet again.

Apparently we don’t care about this? Can we at least get it to where you can rejoin?


You’d be better off posting on the discord Bart, that is the official hub for TOL