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Dream Demon Turbo (Experimental GamePlay) (CANNED)





Actions are done by messaging me
During the day you talk
During twilight you choose to sleep or remain awake
During night you do actions


To accuse someone say “/accuse [player]” or “/vote [player]
No trials
Executions end the Day.
If you remain awake, you will become exhausted and sleep the following night.

To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want


  1. Margaret - Alive
  2. GamerPoke - Alive
  3. player3 - Alive
  4. player4 - Alive
  5. player5 - Alive
  6. player6 - Alive
  7. player7 - Alive
  8. player8 - Alive
  9. player9 - Alive
  10. player10 - Alive
  11. player11 - Alive
  12. player12 - Alive
  13. player13 - Alive
  14. player14 - Alive
  15. player15 - Alive






also, maybe we should do it tomorrow (iPad on 3%)


Slep is necessary


What time tomorrow?


I’m mainly asking since I’m doing stuff tomorrow and might not be on the forums during then


Is that cool, or later?


Yeah, I can make December 2013


Ya, sure


I think it’s cool, but I’m unsure.

I’ll wait till then to in just so in case it doesn’t work out then someone else can slide into my spot


Oh that’s too late. I liked the previous time


I can Delay it.


By -6 years? Thanks


/In for now


Forgot the spaces inbetween

also is this favoritism?




Too early matey


but I’m busy after that
guess it’s time to /out


That’s literally 8 hours earlier. I got school