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Does neutral killing count as neutral?


Not sure if I can post this here sorry if anything is misspelled/not making sense.

I had a conversation with someone in game. It was if neutral killing counted as neutral. The reason we even started this was because people said there can be more than three neutrals. I was like No there can’t be. Then we went on and they mentioned Neutral killing as being one. I said Neutral killing does not count as a neutral, cause there can never be more than 1 NK in a game. It counts as Neutral killing. But he said it was still neutral. What do you think?


With 16 players, there’s one neutral killer, and then 1 to 3 extra neutrals that aren’t the king. The king could also be neutral, which would make a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 neutrals per game.


Fair. Didn’t think of that.



I heard Moderators joined the Council of Necromancers


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Just remembered this

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Actually technically not let’s bring this in the argument thread