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Do Not Yolo Empower N1


This seems like it should be common sense but half the CWs I play with empowers a random player n1 … This is bad, bad, BAD and I don’t see why it needs to be pointed out? Even when you do explain it, they never get it.


Its fine, most of the time you will empower a BD, and on the odd occasion you aid someone, you are then confirmed to them and can get their logs and find out if they are scum or not


I mean, the worst you can do is empower killer and that confirms them as killer, no reason not to imo


just never empower anyone ever


but fake your logs to make it look like you did


As compared to yolo swapping where you could get important BD killed easier or mess up results.


I got killed by an assassin once night one as Pretender because of a Court wizard.

I was salt


I killed by a CoD when I revealed self to reap after truthing him as neut

I was very salt


Actually a N1 tornado improves BD survival odds. Since now there is a chance of Scum dying where there wasn’t before and no additional chance of a BD death


N1 the odds of swapping a BD death to a Neut is as likely as the other way around. The odds of swapping a BD death to scum however has HIGHER odds than the other way around


still a very bad idea tbh but it could work


N1 how is it a bad idea


you have better chance waiting


You also have 3 uses and aren’t likely to spam it


Do you use it N1?




How many times has it worked


I always use tornado N1 too. It’s either beneficial or you confirm yourself.


There’s always the chance of swapping targets to kill to BD, or just not being confirmed period cause there’s so many targets n1


The odds of swapping a target from non-BD is lower than the odds of that kill targeting BD in the first place