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Do Blue Dragons need buffs?


I’ve noticed a trend in this game, almost all of the changes have been to nerf BD or buff a non-BD. Even right now people are calling for good king nerfs and mystic nerfs.

But what about BD buffs? Surely some BD roles are UNDER powered. Thoughts?


What’s the win rate


idk they haven’t been posted in awhile. Last time we got them it was 47.9


Honestly it’s super common for RTSDGs to have overpowered Town factions

And right now I don’t think any of the BD are too weak, while several are much too strong


For FoL or ToL?

ToL? Certain classes need buffs but majority is fine now.

In my last ten games, 7 of those have been evil wins


I have looked it over and yes

I would buff the Princess and the Maid

Will O Wisp should be a day ability and Maid’s Nosy Servants should be replaced by two day abilities that allow you to re-sample a target - one only usable D1, and one one-shot usable D2 and later


Honestly Maid is already too strong


I agree that maid is good

However, she is not even the best Investigative, must less amongst the BD’s strongest overall.

However, the RNG factor of her N0 check and the uselessness of Nosy Servants are both things I would rectify with a small buff.


Imo the N0 check should be the own maid


Then you have a confirmed BD N0 result and a N1 “different” check is a license to kill

Not a fan


To be fair. That’s about as strong as a Paladin/Sheriff check considering the ups and downs somewhat balance eachother out


But does it need to be that when the ideal role of a Maid is to play the long game? :thinking:


Better than having double the odds to find anyone, even scummy neutrals, N1
And if you don’t find anyone you will probably confirm two people


Maybe maybe not. Just saying you shouldn’t shoot it down immediately just cuz



It means that your N1 result is still always ambiguous, but now you have some measure of control over that ambiguity.

Making it a N0 self-check entirely removes any ambiguity from Maid’s early game and allows them to progress instantly to chain-clearing people or catching out large groups. That should require some mental investment from the player, not be handed to them.


Because you gain more information as the game progresses
It is not a straight cop.



So letting it pick a N0 plays into that

But giving it a N0 self-check doesn’t, instead putting focus on the more “Sheriff-y” aspect of the role.


…So it means that a N0 random check is stronger on lategame


A random check isn’t strong anywhere?

You can only hope to determine whether your original check was BD or not, you’ll never get anything from your N0 if it’s random and you don’t know who it is.


Yes that’s why it’s stronger when you have information which is later in game