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DNP for Tubos list


Or if you DM a player on accident then it is still a violation


So what you are saying is a forum mod can edit your post to ping someone on this! I demand this be fixed


I’ve updated this, no one change this.


And edited post will not actually ping. At least not on discord anyways. They might be able to frame you however.

And even if it did it would be the mod that preformed the Ping and not you.


Mods can also silently edit here, so they can frame a person.


@H_Hjasik please stop changing the list, it’s getting annoying.


Also I’ll like a legal definition of a ping right now


Wazza you also are not a good lawyer


An action you preform that causes a chosen person to receive a notification

If you don’t chose who gets the notification then it isn’t a ping
If you don’t preform the action (in the case of a mod) then you didn’t ping them. Someone else did.
If it gives more than one person a notification then it is still a ping so long as you chose which people.


However no one can prove that the mod Didn’t do it due to silent edits. Therefore This rule can be broken really easily. As well, where did I verbally agree to this


In an unrecorded VC obviously


Therefore not legally binding


Nope. Unless the contract is for more than a year it does not have to be written to be legally binding


There’s no evidence of it happening though.


Psh. Naaaa


This is your second warning


This list doesn’t have to be lawyered, nor does it need a ‘you did a bad’ list.


I didn’t make the “You did a bad” list. I just changed it because it was unfair to the people who were on there being insulted for it.




The only people complaining are the ones on the list :thinking: